Colorado Bee Vac System

The Colorado Bee Vac System is a reliable and easy-to-use bee relocation tool trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike: Its reliable power and gentle suction make it a highly effective solution.


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Specifically designed to capture honey bees without causing harm, the Colorado Bee Vac uses suction to gently collect bees from unwanted locations — including walls, trees, shrubs, or other areas — before transporting and establishing bees in a new hive location. The Colorado Bee Vac System includes a high-powered, adjustable vacuum, a wooden catch box, and hoses to facilitate capturing bees. This system offers double the capacity of other bee vacuums on the market: The Colorado Bee Vac can hold 10 pounds of bees!

This bee vacuum system is tested and designed for effective capture with minimized loss. The catch box's pegboard top ensures the even distribution of vacuum pressure, and the beekeeper can change suction as necessary to further protect bees. The vacuum can be used with hoses up to 30 feet, allowing better access to bees in hard-to-reach areas. The Colorado Bee Vac is a helpful hive management tool for beekeepers looking for safe and efficient honey bee relocation solutions.


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