Betterbee Bucket Blanket

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  • $109.95

Made in the USA, the Betterbee Bucket Blanket is (in our humble opinion) the best honey pail heater available on the market today. The patented 120W heating element spreads heat evenly over the surface of a five or six gallon honey bucket to evenly warm and decrystallize honey from the outside in. It will liquefy a pail of crystallized honey in a couple days with slow, steady heat. Made of heavy vinyl, the heater is well insulated to minimize heat loss and power wastage. An internal thermostat controls the blanket temperature to approximately 125°F to prevent honey from overheating or burning. In our tests, the honey reached a uniform and steady temperature of 133°F after 24 hours of heating. If lower temperatures are desired, the heater can be unplugged when the desired temperature is obtained.


  • 41” long x 10” tall
  • 120W, 120V
    Approvals: UL/CSA/CE

    Note: Even though this heater will not burn you honey, be sure to monitor the honey to make sure you don’t exceed your desired temperature.

    Hint: When using the heater, place your bucket on a wooden board or on a piece of foam insulation rather than directly on a concrete floor for faster heating.