Beeswax Processing

Properly cleaned and filtered beeswax makes a big difference in your final candle or skincare product — our beeswax processing equipment helps produce pure ingredients.


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If you're lucky enough to use wax from your own hive, you know it starts a little messy. Equipment like a solar wax melter, Lyson wax press, or a filter cone help make your beeswax processing efforts cleaner and easier. Find top-of-the-line wax melters for efficient rendering, cappings extruders to separate spare wax while harvesting honey, Betterbee has everything you need to turn raw comb into pure beeswax so you can create beautiful candles, balms, or other beeswax products. Don’t leave the comb waste in the yard to gather in the soles of your boots — collect, clean, and process beeswax from cappings, old frames, and burr comb using our beeswax processing equipment.


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