Honey Uncapping Tools & Equipment

"Uncapping" refers to removing the thin beeswax covering off your honey frames, called the "cappings," to expose your honey before extracting. Find uncapping tools for every step, from handheld uncapping knives and combs to automatic uncappers and tanks designed to make uncapping and straining easier.


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Avoiding damage to the frames when uncapping is important, as you can reuse the drawn comb to help give your bees a head start on refilling the box. You'll need a tank or bucket to collect the cappings — an uncapping tank is a popular option that's designed to hold the frames and catch any cappings while allowing honey to drain for collection. Cappings contain quite a bit of honey, so be sure to strain the cappings and add the honey to your harvest. Then, rinse your strained beeswax with water and save it in your refrigerator or freezer to melt into beeswax cakes later.

Always uncap and extract your honey frames indoors in a clean, food-safe area using the proper tools and equipment. This activity will attract many honey bees and other insects, and uncapping outdoors can lead to large-scale robbing.


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