Lyson Honey Processing Equipment

Lyson is an award winning Polish company that manufactures and distributes Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies. Their primary business has been in Europe and now Betterbee is their US distributor.

Betterbee discovered Lyson during the Apimondia meeting in Kiev and was very impressed with their quality and safety features. Since then we have become the US Distributor for Lyson and we bring their Honey Extractors, Hives, and Equipment to the USA.

Lyson offers small hand-crank extractors for the hobbyist up to large extractors with programmable run cycles for the commercial beekeeper. We now stock the larger extractors and uncappers. Most of the motorized extractors have safety interlocks so when you open the lid, the power to the motor is cut. The most of motors are DC pulse power and the extractors all come with the controller box to change the power from 110v ac to the required DC power needed for the speed you want. The extractors all have a stainless steel honey gates welded on. These extractors are quality made and affordably priced for the quality.

The large heater (potato mashers) used to decrystallize barrels of honey are set up for 220 volts and all heating units offer programmable temperature and heat cycle controls

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