Honey Bottling & Filtering

After you extract your honey it’s time to filter and bottle! Filtering and bottling are the finishing processes to make your honey salable (or gift-able!).

With uncapping and extracting you will get more than just honey. Beeswax, propolis, and even a couple bee parts are typical. Unless you prefer this in your honey you will want to strain or filter them out. We use two stage filters or cheesecloth over a larger gauged sieve. This filtering process still allows much of the pollen to pass through.

Once your honey is strained you are ready to bottle. By far the easiest way for the beginner to bottle is to use a plastic bucket with a gate at the bottom. Using gravity you can easily fill the containers you wish to sell, give away, or keep! When your honey sales have grown, consider buying a heated bottling tank and perhaps, an automatic filler.

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