Support Pins

Our beehive foundation support pins allow for quick and easy support of your foundation.

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Support your crimp wired and comb honey foundations without wire with these beehive foundation support pins. Insert these pins into the eyelet holes on the end bars of your wooden frames. The wax slides right through the split into the metal to secure the wax to the frame prior to the buildup of foundation by your honeybees.

See our Support Pin instruction sheet.

Use 4 pins for medium or shallow frames and 8 pins for the deep frames.

80 pins is enough to cover 20 medium or shallow frames or 10 deep frames.

500 pins is enough to cover 125 medium or shallow frames or 62 deep frames.

1000 pins is enough for 250 medium or shallow frames or 125 deep frames.

Please use item SP3 to order packs of 1,000 support pins