10' Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Having a galvanized mesh hardware cloth on-hand can help you tackle many tasks while working in your hive.

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Our galvanized mesh hardware cloth has many uses around the honey house. Bees are not able to pass through #8 mesh, making these great all around sizes in the bee yard. All of our rolls are 36” wide.

#2 mesh had 2 openings per inch; wire thickness 19 gauge wire or .041”. #8 mesh has 8 openings per inch; wire thickness 27 guage wire or .017”.

The most common uses for hardware cloth:

  • #2 or 1/2: Mouse Guards
  • #8 Varroa Screens, Moving Screens, Double Screens and Robber Screens

Note: The size of the mesh refers to the number of wires per inch.