Complete Unassm BetterComb Kit

Get started with BetterComb using this complete, unassembled kit to build your own pre-drawn synthetic wax comb in wired frames!

Warning: Excess heat or cold during shipment or storage can cause combs to melt or break.
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Bettercomb, a fully drawn synthetic wax comb option that is readily accepted by bees, has taken off and to make it easier for you to join in on the fun, we are offering everything you need to build your own wired frames and embed BetterComb into the frames (glue and 12V battery not included).

The kit comes with enough frame components and combs to produce 10 complete frames. There are enough additional components for additional frames, but more comb and frames would have to be purchased.

Unassembled Kit Includes:


  • Wood glue and 12V battery not included
  • Want to learn more about BetterComb? Complete description of BetterComb
  • Shipping note:This item ships "at your own risk" from our facility in New York during the winter months due to being very brittle with low temperatures, and in summer due to high temperatures encountered during shipping. It is especially important that the package not be left outside.
  • BetterComb is produced by Hexacells in Hungary

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