BetterComb Deep Asm 10pk

Fully assembled BetterComb frames!

Warning: Excess heat or cold during shipment or storage can cause combs to melt or break.
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The holy grail of beekeeping: ready-to-use drawn frames! BetterComb is a completely drawn comb made of food-grade, virgin, synthetic wax, similar in composition to beeswax. Unlike regular foundation, BetterComb does not need to be drawn out by the bees. These pre-assembled and embedded BetterComb frames are ready to be installed in a hive. BetterComb provides bees instant access to space for brood or nectar without needing time and resources to draw out comb. BetterComb can significantly benefit both packages and nucleus colonies, as well as established hives.

These frames have been carefully assembled by Betterbee's shop using our white pine wooden frame components and high strength steel wire. The wires were then embedded into the combs, and then the top and bottom of each comb were "pinned" in place. This system provides support on all four sides of the comb, allowing it to be used for both honey and brood in all climates. The pre-assembled BetterComb Deep Frames are packed in groups of 10, strapped together. Individual frames are not available. Our deep frames are standard American Langstroth size, measuring 19" long and 9-1/8" tall. 

Shipping Note: due to the fragile nature of drawn comb, some minor damage may occur in shipping. This could include some broken cells, slightly bowed combs, or other damage. While we do our best to protect them, we cannot guarantee that they will be in pristine condition. The beekeeper may need to make adjustments to the combs before installing in the hive. Fortunately, the bees will quickly repair any cell damage as needed! This item ships "at your own risk" from our facility in New York during the winter months due to being very brittle with low temperatures, and in summer due to high temperatures encountered during shipping. It is especially important that the package not be left outside in the sun, or in a hot vehicle as it will melt the combs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BetterComb made from?

BetterComb is produced from synthetic wax similar in chemical composition to beeswax. The wax is a mixture of ingredients synthesized from mineral and plant sources, and contains no animal fats or byproducts.

Is it safe?

Yes. BetterComb is produced in accordance with FDA requirements for food contact and is produced in an ISO 22000-certified facility. All ingredients are food or pharmaceutical grade, and do not include any toxic or harmful ingredients.

How do bees use BetterComb?

Bees use BetterComb as they use any other comb once they become acquainted with it. Queens will lay eggs and raise brood in the BetterComb, and workers will store pollen and nectar in it. Bees will repair and adjust the comb just as they do with real comb.

Can I mix it with other frames?

Yes. There are certain configurations that work best when mixing with other frames. Alternating frames is not recommended. See photos in instructions for additional information. It is best to use at least five BetterComb frames per box if mixing with other types of frames.

Can I extract the frames?

Yes. Fully wired frames can be extracted in a radial or tangential extract. As with all frame types, gradually increase the speed of the extractor as the honey extracts. 

What do I do with the wax at end of life?

At the end of a frame’s useful life, the combs can be melted down. The resulting wax can be used for candles, but is not beeswax. We have found the BetterComb wax and mixtures with beeswax make excellent candles. Our frames are labeled as BetterComb to allow the beekeeper to keep track of them through their lifecycle so the wax is not mistaken for beeswax.

BetterComb is made by Hexacells in Hungary.