Shallow Cut Comb Found:100 PK

This top-quality shallow cut honey comb foundation makes comb honey production easy.

  • Item Code: SCC100
  • $50.39

Add some variety to your honey display with comb honey. A common treat from the past, comb honey is harder to find now and highly sought after. This top-quality foundation makes comb honey production easy. Add this foundation to frames in your honey super and after the honey has been capped over, use our Webb Cut Comb Knife to proportion. We recommend using medium wooden frames with wedged top bars with this foundation.


  • 16 1/2" long x 4 3/4” high

  • Hint: Cut your comb honey into smaller chunks and put into a wide mouth jar, such as our 2 1/2 lb. square jar, with your extracted honey. The resulting product, Chunk Honey, is irresistible to customers and helps introduce comb honey to those who have never tried it.

    *Shipping Note: This item ships 'at your own risk' from our facility in New York during the winter months due to being very brittle with low temperatures.