Flower Seeds for Honey Bee Forage

Our bee forage seed mixes are packed with nectar-rich flowers that nourish honey bees and other pollinators and provide vibrant wildflower blooms all season long.


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Betterbee was the first beekeeping supply company to offer flower seeds specifically for bee forage, and our flower seeds remain popular with both beekeepers and those who want to plant pollinator gardens to help honey bees. Due to increased land development and industrial agriculture that reduces hedgerows, natural bee forage is in short supply, which is why we've sourced seeds to grow bee-friendly plants and blooms, including Japanese buckwheat which offers a higher nectar content, white clover seeds to incorporate into your lawn, and native wildflowers that bloom for an extended period to support local ecosystems. These seeds produce flowers that are beneficial for honey bees, and you'll appreciate them as well! If you're interested in larger quantities of flower seeds for bee forage, please call or send an email to support@betterbee.com for pricing.


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