2 Gallon Bee Feeder Lid w/scrn

Easily convert a two-gallon pail into a feeder using this lid with an integrated screen.

  • Item Code: HP2LS
  • 4.95 USD$4.95

Pail feeding is one of the most simple, effective and cost efficient ways to feed your bees. This two gallon cover serves dual purposes, serving as a replacement for our two gallon pail feeder, or allowing you to convert your own two gallon pail into a feeder. Note: not all pails are made to the same dimensions; if using your own pail, please test one lid first to see if it will fit.

How Does Pail Feeding Work?

The pail is filled close to the top with syrup, then with the lid attached, it is slowly inverted to create a vacuum. The pail is placed on top of the frames or over the hole in the inner cover, where bees come up to the screen and lick, allowing more syrup to drip down as they are eating.

Are you an auditory or visual person? Watch our head beekeeper explain How to Use Pail Feeders


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