BeeMax Hivetop Feeder

Prevent drownings in your BeeMax hive without hindering bees from feeding.

Worry less, work less, feed more.
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Feeding bees is a vital part of hive management and with the BeeMax Hive Top Feeder, it couldn't be simpler. Thanks to a seamless, one piece polystyrene design, the feeder can be placed directly on top of your uppermost box with bees in it, filled, then covered with an outer cover and walla!

A built in Plexiglas panel, which sits snug at one end, allows bees access to syrup though it creates a barricade between them and a feeder reservoir, preventing drowning.

Works with Beemax hives as well as both 8 frame and 10 frame wooden hives.

How Does it Work?

The feeding reservoir runs flush with a Plexiglas panel which bees access through the bottom of the feeder. Entering, they crawl up a u-shaped tunnel which leads them to a small pool at the bottom, where they can stand, and feed. What keeps the level low enough for this to happen is a small gap beneath the plastic panel that connects to the feeding reservoir. Only a small amount of syrup is allowed in and the gap is too small for bees to slip through and gain access to the reservoir, preventing drownings. Even more, the area is narrow keeping bees in close proximity to the walls which aid in their exit.


  • Do NOT use an inner cover when using this feeder. Make sure the outer cover is clean of debris and sits flat on top of the feeder. That will ensure no outside bees can enter the feed reservoir and drown.
  • Though the feeder reservoir can hold 3 gallons of syrup, we only recommend putting in a little at a time because the feeder will get moldy if feed sits for extended periods
  • Roughen the Plexiglas panel on the inside with 80 grit sandpaper to give bees better grip so they don't fall into the syrup
  • We recommend applying two coats of exterior latex paint to the feeder to protect it against UV rays
  • Make sure to clean and dry feeder before storing for the winter
  • Read our Hive Top Feeder Instructions
How to Feed Sugar Syrup

Spring Feeding: Create a 1:1 syrup using 1 lb. water (2 cups) to 1lb. sugar.

Fall Feeding: Make a 2:1 syrup using 2 lb. sugar per 1 lb. of water.

Feeding Notes:

  • When making syrup, water must be very hot to dissolve sugar
  • Do not feed sugar syrup during cold weather when bees are not able to take cleansing flights
  • Do not feed sugar syrup until it is warm enough for bees to fly regularly. If the weather is still too cold, feed winter patties. Pollen patties are used to stimulate build-up of hives in anticipation of the spring flow, but don’t feed them too early because pollen supplements will cause rapid expansion, and there may not be enough bees to keep the brood warm.

Product Specifications:

Feeder for 8 Frame Wood Hive

  • External dimensions: 20-1/8" long x 14" wide x 5-7/8" high
  • Sugar Syrup Capacity: 3 gallons

Feeder for 10 Frame Wood Hive

  • External dimensions: 20 1/8" long x 16 3/8" wide x 5 7/8" high
  • Sugar Syrup Capacity: 4 gallon

Feeder for BeeMax Hive

  • External dimensions: 21 1/2" long x 17 3/4" wide x 5 7/8" high
  • Sugar Syrup Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Feeder empty weight: 3 lbs 13 oz

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