Lyson 20 Frame Extractor 600mm

The Lyson 20 frame motorized honey extractor is a mid-level option for the serious beekeeper.

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Made of 24 gauge stainless steel, this radial motorized extractor, by Lyson, has full length steel legs for improved rigidity and an easy to use digital controller for the 1/3 HP DC motor. Extract 4-8 deep frames, 20 medium frames, or 20 shallow frames. (Need more processing power? Try our 30 Frame Radial Motorized Extractor).


  • Conical base to facilitate honey drainage
  • Stainless steel 1-1/4" valve with O-ring seal
  • Clear acrylic cover: Watch the whole process!
  • Can hold 4 to 8 deep frames (9-1/8"), 20 medium frames (6-1/4") or 20 shallow frames (5-3/8")
  • Variable speed 1/3 HP DC motor
  • Ultimate safety: Braking system with STOP button, emergency button, or ceasing operation when the cover is lifted
  • Energy saving: The motor is only supplied with as much power as it needs. It will also automatically shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • 120V power cable

Motor Specifications

A variable speed DC motor is powered by an adjustable controller with digital indication of motor speed. Speed is adjusted up and down through a keypad. The motor speed is controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM), which switches power on and off as needed instead of dissipating (i.e. wasting) power through a rheostat or resistor. The result is very efficient, low power extractor operation with excellent control. The extractor comes with a standard 120V grounded power cord. A five gallon pail will fit under the honey gate if the extractor is mounted on a pallet or thick piece of plywood.



  • Drum: 24" diameter x 39" tall

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