Lyson RadialCassette Extractor

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This unique Lyson extractor is both a cassette and a radial extractor!  It features six cages for extracting in cassette mode. This speedy extractor excels at extracting extremely thick honey, or honey that is at a cooler temperature. There’s no need to flip the frames as the cassette is hinged to the basket of the extractor allowing it to flip back and forth, changing direction with the motor. Each cassette holds one deep, medium or shallow frame for a total of six frames. with automatic flipping of the frames. To extract radially, remove the cassettes and insert the frames in a typical radial arrangement. In radial mode, the extractor can accommodate 24 deep, medium, or shallow Langstroth frames.

How Cassette Extraction Works:

  1. When loading the frames, they are in the First Position.
  2. As the extractor begins to spin, the frames rotate on their anchors to the Second Position (parallel to the tank walls).
  3. The extractor stops and spins in the other direction, moving the full side of the frame to face the outside wall.
  4. The extractor then spins in the original direction, the frames move back to the Second Position, and extraction is complete.

The drum and basket are made entirely of acid-proof 304 stainless steel,

Transparent covers provide a clear view of the spinning process without interrupting the progress. 

The Lyson Automatic controller has eight programs. The first two programs are designed to work in manual mode while the the third program is automatic with default factory settings. Programs 4 to 8 allow you to enter your own settings. Each program consists of 7 steps. At each step, you can set three parameters - step start time, set speed and direction of rotation. The seventh, last step specifies when the extractor will shut down. 

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  • Power requirement: 120V AC
  • Diameter: 800mm (32")
  • Holds 6 deep, medium or shallow frames (cassette mode) or 24 (radial mode).
  • Looking for a smaller extractor? We also offer a 4 frame cassette extractor

This Lyson Classic Line product is covered by a 5-year structural and a 2-year/24-month limited warranty. Click to read the Betterbee Warranty on Lyson Product policy for more details.