4 FR Cassette Extractor 720mm

Process honey with no need to manually flip frames using this convenient motorized 4 Frame Cassette Extractor from Lyson.

Holds 4 deep, medium or shallow frames.
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Made by Lyson in Poland, this gem of a machine takes the popular European technique and brings it to a larger audience.

This speedy extractor excels at extracting extremely thick honey, or honey that is at a cooler temperature. There’s no need to flip the frames as the cassette is hinged to the basket of the extractor allowing it to flip back and forth, changing direction with the motor. Each cassette holds one deep, medium or shallow frame for a total of four frames. (Looking for more? Shop our 6 frame cassette extractor).

How Cassette Extraction Works:

  1. When loading the frames, they are in the First Position.
  2. As the extractor begins to spin, the frames rotate on their anchors to the Second Position (parallel to the tank walls).
  3. The extractor stops and spins in the other direction, moving the full side of the frame to face the outside wall.
  4. The extractor then spins in the original direction, the frames move back to the Second Position, and extraction is complete.


  • Power requirment: 120V AC
  • Holds 4 deep, medium or shallow frames
  • Looking for a larger extractor? We also offer a 6 frame cassette extractor

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