2 Frame Plast. Honey Extractor

This budget friendly extractor gets the job done!

  • Item Code: HE2200
  • 159.95 USD$159.95

Betterbee's 2 frame plastic honey extractor saves you hard earned money without sacrificing the end goal, honey extraction.

Made of all plastic, except for a steel center shaft. This hand-cranked extractor includes a plastic tank, cover and honey gate. Holds two standard Langstroth frames of any size (5-3/8" through 9-1/8" tall by 19" long).


  • Leave gate open a slight crack when extracting to prevent honey from building up to the basket
  • This extractor is tangential, meaning it can only extract one side of a frame at a time. The frame must be flipped manually to extract the second side.
  • Not sure where to start? Read our extractor comparison chart to find the extractor right for you!
  • Sometimes the basket in this extractor needs to be lowered about 1/8" to fit certain frames. To do this, simply press downward on the center of the basket at both the top and bottom, so that it slides down the shaft. When it is lowered a little bit, all Langstroth frames will fit properly.
  • If you ever upgrade your plastic extractor to a larger (and sturdier) stainless steel model, this one won't become obsolete. It's a sturdy tank with a honey gate built into the bottom, and the extractor components can be removed to turn the unit into a honey settling tank or bottling tank instead (make sure to cover the bolt holes and handle holes near the top though, to keep curious bees or ants from finding their way inside).

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