Creamed Honey

It doesn't take a lot of equipment to make creamed honey — and the results can be very profitable for the beekeeper.


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Creamed honey is the result of honey crystallization in a controlled environment, making it super smooth and easy to scoop, so it's popular as a spread. Other names for creamed honey include whipped, churned, spun, and candied honey. We recommend the Dyce Method for Creamed Honey Production, which produces a batch of creamed honey in one to two weeks. Explore our range of equipment for making creamed honey — from options for the local beekeeper making small batches to larger machines to produce in bulk, perfect for making thousands of pounds to sell year-round. Choose from heated or unheated honey creamers and attachments that are compatible with your bottling tank, or use a mixer attachment that connects to a handheld drill to allow you to make your own smooth creamed honey directly in a pail. Then, choose from our containers for packaging your product. We also offer large capacity heated and unheated Lyson Creamers — contact us for special order.


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