Gourmet Creamed Honey Kit

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Gourmet Creamed Honey Kit

A great way to bring making your own gourmet creamed honey! Creamed honey is the process of honey crystallization in a controlled environment. Creamed honey can also be called whipped honey, spun honey and candied honey. We find this is a great value-added product at farmer’s markets and is very popular with kids!

This kit includes everything you will need to produce creamed honey based on the Dyce Method of creamed honey production. This method will produce a batch of creamed honey in one to two weeks. You can make traditional creamed honey or add flavors like cinnamon for an additional kick!

Kit Includes:

  • 12 Cream Honey Cups
  • Creamed Honey Drill
  • Honey Pail with 2” Gate
  • 1 lb. Creamed Honey (Starter)
  • Dyce Method Instructions
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