Lyson 18 Gal Heated Creamer

Whip up your own delicious creamed honey using the Lyson 18 gallon heated honey creamer which consistently produces the favorite smooth, spreadable treat.

Note! Controller model may vary from photo and honey outlet is a sanitary fitting with honey gate.
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The Lyson 18 gallon water-jacketed honey creaming machine can be used to decrystallize, cool and mix seed honey. This creamer uses the LYSON Heated 18 gal tank (LYHPW7056) and a creamer mixer to make a multifunctional creaming machine.

The water jacket is heated by a 240V AC 2000 watt replaceable heating element, and is thermostatically controlled by a simple analog temperature knob. A temperature indicator is provided to monitor the water jacket temperature.

LYSON's creamer mixer is bolted to the tank. It is electronically controlled with two selectable run programs. The variable speed motor is controlled by an inverter and a right angle gear box provides power to the mixer.

The outlet of the tank features a sanitary coupling which can be easily coupled to a honey gate (included), or a variety of other accessories such as a bottling valve, ball valve, barbed fitting, etc.

Warning: do not pressurize water jacket; fill tank with non pressurized water only. Do not operate heater without ensuring the water jacket is full.

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  • Requires two plugs, see below.
  • Heating Element: 2000 watt, 230 volt AC. Plug style: NEMA 6-20P.
  • Creaming Motor: 240 volt AC. Plug style: NEMA 6-20P.
  • Maximum temperature: about 80 deg. C (176 F)
  • Tank Dimensions: 38" tall by 17 1/2" outer diameter
  • Construction: 18 gauge brushed acid resistant stainless steel
  • Honey discharge: Sanitary "tri clamp" fitting 1.5" (flange diameter: 2.0")
  • Capacity: about 220 lb (100 kg) honey or 18 gallons (68 liter)

This Lyson Standard product is covered by a 2-year structural and a 2-year/24-month limited warranty. Click to read the Betterbee Warranty on Lyson Product policy for more details.