Candy & Honey Straws

Betterbee Sweet Honey Candy and Honey Straws.

Honey Straws

Our Premium Honey Straws are the greatest impulse item for any store that sell honey, simply because they practically sell themselves. Sold in 50 packs or 2000 packs of any one flavor or variety. We offer over 35 flavors. Each honey straw is about 7" long and contains 5 grams of US Grade A Honey

Betterbee Sweet Honey Candy

This all-natural honey candy is a best seller that everyone loves. They tastes great and also sooth sore, scratchy throats in the winter. Customers come back to buy it again and again. You can fill honey bears, clear plastic containers or canning jars with it. There are not limits to the display enhancing ability of this beautiful and tasty natural candy. These candies do not contain any corn syrup and are made with pure honey.

Sold in five varieties:

  • Honey
  • Honey-Lemon
  • Honey-Pomegranate
  • Honey-Apple
  • Assorted Packs.