1/2 lb. Roll Candle Wicking

For larger candle making projects.

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You're a serious candle maker with a need, high quality wicking to finish off your stellar candles. Our 100% cotton wicks, which burn clean and true, are just what you're looking for!

Which Wick?

  • Tapers over 1" wide: 1/0 Square Braid
  • Tapers under 1" wide: 2/0 Square Braid
  • Wide Figures over 3" wide: 60 Ply
  • Votives & Candles under 3" wide: 44-24 Zinc Core Wire
  • Votives & Candles over 3" wide: 51-32 Zinc Core Wire
  • Beeswax Cylinders: #2



We recommend experimenting with your wax and wick to determine the best burn rate for your beeswax or candle making enterprise.