1/2 lb. Roll Candle Wicking

Get more with this 1/2 lb roll of candle wicking for large candle making projects.

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Now that you have discovered the joy of making your own light source from scratch, you may find you need more wicking! If you'd like to get smaller quantities of wick, we offer smaller 30 foot quantities. We offer a variety of high-quality wicks for a various candle making requirements. We offer a variety of high-quality wicks to meet your candle making needs. Our wicks are 100% cotton for a cleaner burn. Don't forget your Wicking Needle!

Which Wick Should I Buy?

  • Tapers over 1" wide: 1/0 Square Braid
  • Tapers under 1" wide: 2/0 Square Braid
  • Wide Figures over 3” wide: 60 Ply
  • Votives & Candles under 3" wide: 44-24 Zinc Core Wire
  • Votives & Candles over 3" wide: 51-32 Zinc Core Wire
  • Beeswax Tapers: #2

Note: Wicking sizes listed are for beeswax only, using other wax types may require a change in the wick size. We recommend experimenting with your wax and wick to determine the best burn rate for your beeswax or candle making enterprise.