10 Inch Taper Mold

Durable, flexible and perfect for making beeswax or paraffin candles!

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We are now working with a new mold supplier and have the 10" standard taper mold available. They are a different color but the flexibility and functionality are the same.

We also have 6" and 8" taper molds available. Click the Shop all taper molds link below to find them.

For those who want the finest 10 inch candles in all the land, let us toss the alley-oop with our 10 inch taper mold that gets the job done, time and time again. The easy to use molds produce "self-wicking" candles, just get a wicking needle to pull up a wick and there you have it, your very own candle, made within 30-45 minutes.

Choose from three styles/diameters: Colonial (1"), Standard (7/8"), or Hex (7/8").


  • The self-sealing at base requires no sealer around the wick to prevent leaking
  • If you are looking to use wicking, we recommend #2 wicking
  • Looking for finished candles instead? Shop taper candles

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