Calf Candle Mold

Craft adorable mini calf candles using this silicone beeswax candle mold; they're perfect additions to your farmstand or sales table.

  • Item Code: F178
  • 11.95 USD$11.95

Almost as cute as the real thing! Craft little calf candles to spread smiles to the world. Made of silicone, this Lyson mold is softer than our polyurethane molds and offers easy candle removal.


  • Finished Candle Height: 1.25 inches


  • These molds have a unique cut down the side and halfway across the bottom. This makes for very easy removal, but does require additional rubber bands to prevent leaking.
  • Read our Lyson Candle Mold Instruction Sheet
  • Use 1/0 wicking with this mold
  • No wicking needle required
  • Uses .25 oz. of wax
  • Pick up some wax to kick start your candle making

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