Antique Tin Candle Molds

These antique tin taper candle molds are handcrafted authentic reproductions of colonial candles used by our ancestors.

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These handsome, hand-crafted tin molds are authentic reproductions of the candle molds used by our colonial ancestors. They are handmade and have some irregularities and imperfections which give a more rustic look. They are intended primarily as decorative items. They come in two sizes- 6" and 9-1/2".

Hint: These molds are intended for display and hobby use only. If you intend to make a lot of candles, you'll have better success using our 10" or 6" Polyurethane Taper Molds.

Hint: We recommend using ReleasaGen Spray to remove the candles from these molds. If you still have trouble, try placing the molds directly in the freezer overnight after the wax has hardened.