Bee Cylinder Candle Mold

This new Lyson honeycomb pillar candle mold creates a honeycomb pillar that adds elegance to any candle display.

Please Note: The silicone walls of this candle are somewhat thin. If you secure the mold with rubber bands it can warp the final candle. We recommend securing the mold with a stocking (cut pair of pantyhose) to create even tension on the mold to prevent warping.
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Made out of silicone, these Lyson honeycomb pillar candle molds are softer than our polyurethane molds, allowing for easy candle removal and fine details. These molds have a unique cut down the side which makes wicking quick and easy and eliminates the need for a wicking needle.

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Candle size: 6" tall, 2-1/4" across base

Recommended wick: 60 ply

Uses 11.5 oz. wax

Note: These molds have a unique cut down the side and halfway across the bottom. This makes for easy removal but does require additional rubber bands to prevent leaking.