Hanging Bear with Heart Mold

Craft sweet-smelling beeswax pendants to give away or sell using this silicone mold from Lyson.

  • Item Code: FS433
  • 16.95 USD$16.95

This bear may look mean, but he/she is a real teddy at heart. Made of long lasting silicone by industry leader, Lyson.


  • Finished Candle Diameter: 2-3/16"


  • For molds with more details and irregular shapes, Lyson cuts the side of the mold and halfway across the bottom creating a matching seam. The pendant is easier to remove but additional support (rubber bands) will be needed during pouring. The candle maker can cut any silicone Lyson mold with a sharp knife if desired.
  • Read our Lyson Candle Mold Instruction Sheet
  • Uses .5 oz. (15 grams) of wax
  • Pick up some wax to kick start your candle making

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