Cow Laying Candle Mold

Create beeswax candles shaped like laying cows using this silicone mold.

  • Item Code: F174
  • 13.95 USD$13.95

A perfect addition to your wax "farm". Made of silicone, this Lyson mold is softer than our polyurethane molds and offers easy candle removal.


  • Finished Candle Height: 1.25 inches


  • These molds have a unique cut down the side and halfway across the bottom. This makes for very easy removal, but does require additional rubber bands to prevent leaking.
  • Read our Lyson Candle Mold Instruction Sheet
  • Use 1/0 wicking with this mold
  • No wicking needle required
  • Uses .25 oz. of wax
  • Pick up some wax to kick start your candle making

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