Candle Wicking

When making beeswax candles it is essential to select the best beeswax candlewicking. Wick size plays an important role in the quality of your resulting candle. There are many factors to consider, but most importantly are the type of wax being used and the diameter of the candle you plan to make. A properly wicked candle will have a melt pool that is almost the entire diameter of the candle and about ¼” deep. A pool deeper than ¼” is an indicator that the wick is too large. A candle that “pits,” or burns straight down the center may have a wick that is too small. Test burns are very helpful in determining the proper wick size. Beeswax candles with the proper candlewicking will have a slow burn and minimal dripping.

Betterbee also carries a variety of Pre-Assembled Votive and Tealight Wicks, as well as Bow Tie Wick Bars to hold your wicks in the center of your candle molds when cooling.

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