Candles & Candle Making

Betterbee is pleased to offer all the tools and materials you need for beeswax candle making.

Making candles is a highly rewarding and stress free craft! You make a mistake, you just return the beeswax to your double boiler and remelt it. No waste!

Beekeepers can save their wax up and then enjoy candle making in the off season. Beeswax candles are great for gifts or your sales table. Whether one rolls or pours the candles, it takes only a small investment to get started in beeswax candle making. Beeswax candles add a wonderful distinctive scent to the room. They are especially popular during the cooler months.

Please remember that beeswax, like all wax, can be flammable when overheated. Be sure to follow the directions in your candle books for proper heating instructions. We recommend using a double boiler, such as our Melting Pot, to keep the wax from overheating.

Between making your beeswax candles and burning them, candle making can be a very enjoyable activity!