Candle Making Tools and Supplies

If you want to create beautiful, handcrafted beeswax candles at home, gather the right tools and supplies beforehand for a successful and enjoyable DIY experience.


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We offer the top candle-making supplies perfect for seasoned candlemakers preparing products for sale and crafting beginners pouring candles for personal use or gift-giving. By planning ahead and acquiring the proper beeswax candle making supplies before you begin, you'll set yourself up for a fun and rewarding experience. Choose a beginner's candlemaking kit for a quick and easy way to start your DIY candlemaking journey, or upgrade your tools as your crafting operation grows.

Our selection of candle making tools and supplies includes wax melting pots to safely melt your beeswax, sturdy pouring pots in various capacities, pre-tabbed wicks for crafting container candles to get a clean and centered burn, wax vats and dippers for hand-dipped taper candles, wax thermometers to monitor wax temperature for precice heating, and candle release spray to facilitate easy removal from candle molds for frustration-free crafting. For those packaging up candles for the farmers market or sales counter, choose from our candle labels and packaging inserts that provide beeswax candle details and safety instructions. Browse our extensive candle-making supply selection to find everything you need to produce beautiful, handcrafted 100% beeswax candles for your home or as thoughtful gifts.


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