100% Beeswax Candles

Fill your home with a warm glow and soft honey scent when you choose 100% pure beeswax candles from Betterbee! We offer a selection of candles for every occasion and style.


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Our collection of molded beeswax candles offers shapes and themes for everyone. Liven up your space with our delightful beeswax figurines in various shapes and sizes, choose from classic tapers, tea lights, and votive candles perfect for creating a warm ambiance, and explore our range of practical, whimsical, and traditional festive holiday candle designs. All our candles are crafted with pure golden or white beeswax, which offers a clean burn and a delightful honey scent. Collect your favorite handcrafted candles for use in your home, or box them up to give as gifts or display on your farmers market table. These beeswax candles are all made right here at Betterbee. Looking to craft your own beeswax candles? Explore our collection of silicone candle molds.


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