Citrus Mold Cleaner Spray

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Clean your heavily used or dirty candle molds with our powerful citrus-based mold cleaning spray. Removes wax, grease, and stains. Works great on votive molds! Ground shipping only. 10oz aerosol can.

  • Dissolves and flushes away most release agents from metal molds prior to application of rust preventives.
  • Removes greases, oils, waxes, inks, tars, silicones, and other contaminants from molds. Always test before using with plastics or solvent-sensitive materials.
  • Should be sprayed on, then wiped or blown dry with compressed air.
  • Dries fast and leaves no residue. Pleasant citrus scent. Non-halogenated.
  • Many applications in manufacturing and craft industries.
  • Contains no methylene chloride or Class I ozone depleting substances.
  • For use in the manufacturing process only. Not for use as a general purpose cleaner or degreaser.