Books, DVDs and Educational Tools for Beekeeping

Education is a large component of beekeeping, and we use a variety of tools, books, and DVDs to help beekeepers visualize what happens in the hive. Explore our educational tools and resources, including magazine subscriptions for monthly articles and information to keep beginners and experienced beekeepers up-to-date, as well as books and DVDs that teach beekeepers everything from hive building to colony maintenance. Full-color posters put the life cycle of the honey bee on display, ideal for a classroom, honey house, or farmers market booth. Our Betterbee observation hives are excellent educational tools that allow you to peer into the world of bees as they work.

You have a role to play to help create and sustain community support for honey bees. While the best educational tool is a hands-on lesson in a live hive with an experienced beekeeper, these handbooks, DVDs, and magazines provide an abundance of helpful information for beekeepers and advocates on all levels.

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