BeeMax® Beginner Kit

The BeeMax® beehive beginners kit provides superior hive insulation and is a snap to put together.

Besides the options to the right, each kit includes:
  • BeeMax® Telescoping Outer Cover
  • Wooden Inner Cover for BeeMax®
  • BeeMax® Hivetop Feeder
  • 2 BeeMax® Medium Supers
  • 2 BeeMax® Deep Hive Bodies
  • Beemax® Bottom Board with Built-in Varroa Screen
  • Stainless Steel Smoker with Heat Shield
  • Standard 10" Hive Tool
  • Item Code: BMBK
  • Price: $366.36

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Medium Frames (Required)
Queen Excluder (Required)
Book (Required)
Deep Frames (Required)
Varroa Monitoring Support Shim (Required)
Glove Style & Size (Required)
Helmet & Veil (Required)

Introduced in 2000, BeeMax® started this line of ultra-insulating polystyrene hive equipment to give honeybee colonies a better chance at overwintering in extreme Northern temperatures, while also helping to keep your colony cool in the hot summer months. A long-time manufacturer of wooden beehives said, "BeeMax® offers a better hive for wintering bees. This, and more mite resistant bees, may be the salvation of American beekeeping."

This quote illustrates how revolutionary BeeMax® Polystyrene hive bodies are. Start off your new hobby or update your old one with the best and most up-to-date equipment. Your bees will get off to a faster start in these hives, make more surplus honey for you and your family, and survive the winter better than in a wooden hive.

The beginner’s kit comes complete with everything you need (except the bees) to get started in your beekeeping adventure. Hive bodies and supers go together within a few minutes!

When choosing plastic frames or plastic foundation, we highly recommend applying extra beeswax to the frames. This increases the acceptance of the frames by the bees and entices them to draw the frames out faster. Assembled frames with extra wax are available for purchase or you can apply the wax yourself. Just melt beeswax in a double boiler and use a foam paintbrush.

Customize your kit to your personal beekeeping needs! Learn about your kit options.

Beginner's Kit Includes:

  • BeeMax® Telescoping Outer Cover
  • Wooden Inner Cover for BeeMax*#174;
  • BeeMax® Hivetop Feeder
  • 2 BeeMax® Medium Supers
  • 20 Medium Frames*
  • 2 BeeMax® Deep Hive Bodies
  • 20 Deep Frames *
  • BeeMax Bottom Board with Built-in Varroa Screen
  • Varroa Monitoring Equipment *
  • Hive Tool

Read our assembly instruction for this kit