BeeMax Essentials Kit

All the hive components to house a starter colony of bees.

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Deep Frames *
Varroa Monitoring Support Shim *

The perfect kit for catching swarms or making splits! Comes with all the components needed to quickly start a new colony.

Made of lightweight polystyrene with an impressive R-value of 6.5, honey bee colonies have a better chance at overwintering in extreme northern temperatures, and staying cool in the hot summer months.

The Essentials Kit Includes:

  • BeeMax telescoping outer cover
  • Wooden inner cover for BeeMax hives
  • 2 BeeMax Hive Bodies bodies with plastic frame rests
  • BeeMax bottom board with built-in varroa screen
  • 20 deep frames*
  • Varroa Monitoring Equipment (Optional)

* Denotes a kit component with options.


  • BeeMax hives are easy to put together. Each hive body and honey super takes less than a minute to assemble!
  • BeeMax hive bodies should be painted with exterior latex paint to help protect the polystyrene from the sun's UV rays and extend the life of the hive
  • Assembly Instructions
  • We also sell this kit assembled: Shop Assembled BeeMax Essentials Kit

What is the difference between plastic foundation with wax verus heavy wax?

All plastic frames come waxed, but heavy wax has an extra layer that bees accept better, speeding up the process of drawing comb.

Plastic Foundation: Black vs White

  • Black foundation is great for brood, the high contrast against eggs allows easier identification
  • White foundation is great for supers, the light nature of the plastic displays true color of honey

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