Basics Kit: BeeMax Unassem

Expand your apiary with a budget-friendly, insulating BeeMax Essentials unassembled polystyrene beehive kit.

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The same hive kit as our BeeMax Basic Beginner Kit, but without all the extra gear. Perfect for starting a second hive.

Made of lightweight polystyrene with an impressive R-value of 6.5, honey bee colonies have a better chance at overwintering in extreme northern temperatures, and staying cool in the hot summer months.

The Basics Kit Includes:

  • BeeMax Telescoping Outer Cover
  • Wooden Inner Cover For Beemax
  • 1 BeeMax Deep Hive Body Assembled
  • 10 Deep Frames (all plastic black frames or wooden frames with black plastic)
  • BeeMax Bottom Board


  • You may chose to add on a varroa monitoring option by selecting in the drop down above
  • BeeMax hive bodies should be painted with exterior latex paint to help protect the polystyrene from the sun's UV rays and extend the life of the hive
  • Need help in your decision? Read about the differences in options and other hive kits: Beekeeping kit options.
  • Assembly Instructions
  • This hive is unassembled. Rather have us assemble the hive for you? Shop Basics Kit: Beemax Assembled

What is the difference between plastic foundation with wax versus heavy wax?

All plastic frames come waxed, but heavy wax has an extra layer that bees accept better, speeding up the process of drawing comb.

Plastic Foundation: Black vs White

  • Black foundation is great for brood, the high contrast against eggs allows easier identification
  • White foundation is great for supers, the light nature of the plastic displays true color of honey

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