Betterbee® Hive Portal

Betterbee plastic hive portals are superior to any other disk entrance on the market.

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Exclusively from Betterbee. Made of high strength but flexible ABS plastic, this disk entrance holds up to the rigors of beekeeping as no other can. The Betterbee Plastic Hive Portal features improved functionality with each quadrant clearly labeled for ease of use and identification, so you can quickly "dial" the entrance to your needed management tool. The four quadrants are: fully open, queen excluder, drone excluder, and closed (ventilation only).

Available in 4 colors: Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Violet

About Our Colors
This Hive Portal is uniquely colored to maximize your honeybee's ability to locate its unique home. Based on the principles laid out by the late Dr. Karl Von Frisch's pioneering work in honeybee vision, this Hive Portal is offered in Violet, Blue, Orange and Yellow. These colors are the most recognizable to honeybees, helping them locate their hive. Frisch's work was instrumental in establishing both that honeybees can see not only specific colors, but also that their behavior can be modified. Each color of the Hive Portal was selected and tested to help the bees return to the home colony.