Frame Wiring Kit: 100 Frames

This beehive frame wiring kit allows you to easily build traditional cross wired wooden frames that are strong and keep the foundation straight.

  • Item Code: FWK
  • 39.95 USD$39.95

This beehive frame wiring kit includes all you will need to begin wiring and installing your wax foundation. Our kit includes instructions, tools, and the equipment needed to cross wire and install foundation for 100 frames. (Frames and foundation not included.)

Kit includes:

  • Embedding Board: Used to support the foundation while embedding the bee wire.
  • Bee Wire: Thin wire for supporting foundation.
  • Eyelets: Inserted into the holes along the sidebar of the frame to keep wire from cutting into wood.
  • Eyelet Punch: For pushing the eyelets into the side bar holes.
  • Crimper: Used to tighten the crosswire before embedding.
  • Nails: To secure both ends of the bee wire per frame.
  • Embedder: This is used to embed the cross wire into the wax foundation.
  • Instruction Sheet: You can also download a digital version of the frame wiring instructions.