Bee Vac Extra Hose

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The Colorado Bee Vac includes 10 ft of hose, but most bee keeping professionals will need longer hoses for hard to reach jobs, from time to time.

Our high quality smooth interior plastic hose is lightweight enough to easily carry and maneuver to any location you need it. Choose the desired length of hose (10', 20', or 30'), and whether you need an additional coupling to connect to the catch box, and an extra suction wand. Most bee removal professionals will carry short hoses for small jobs, and also carry longer hoses to use when needed.

We also carry additional catch boxes and replacement vacuum tops. If you need other replacement parts, please contact us.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 piece of hose (10, 20, or 30 ft long)
  • (optional) coupling to connect to catch box, with hose clamp
  • (optional) 19" suction wand and hose clamp


  • To connect multiple hoses, use a 1.5" straight rubber coupling, available at your local hardware store.