BetterComb Embedding Device

Embedding BetterComb into your wired frames just got easier with this device that connects to a 12V battery, allowing for easier alignment without the hassle.

Requires 12 volt battery not included
  • Item Code: BCOMBEMB
  • 24.95 USD$24.95

Quickly install BetterComb in wired frames using either a 12V car or lawn mower battery (not included). The functional design allows both hands to be free for aligning and pressing the wires into the BetterComb and with easy adjustments you can rapidly switch between medium and deep BetterComb.


  • Includes battery clips for connecting to terminals and inline fuse protection
  • Spare fuse included
  • Does not include all the other items you will need for your BetterComb assembly, such as the installation shim, the combs, and the frames.

Instructions: How to Embed Wire BetterComb

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