Smokers & Fuel

Every beekeeper needs a bee smoker for safe and effective hive inspections, and the right smoker fuel makes all the difference.


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A bee smoker coupled with the right fuel is very helpful when working your hives: The judicious use of smoke calms the bees, making hive manipulation less stressful for both the bees and the beekeeper. Choose a smoker made from durable materials like stainless steel. Replacement parts, such as bellows or smoker trays, allow you to properly maintain your smoker.

There are many options for beehive smoker fuel including cotton, bailing twine, pine needles, and wood chips. For best results, use fuel that produces cool, white smoke and avoid harsh smoke that can irritate bees. Our smoker fuels are bee-friendly, creating a calming effect while you work. Bee smoker fuel options include:

  • Natural Cotton: Clean burning and long-lasting, cotton produces cool, white smoke preferred by most beekeepers.
  • Baling Twine: Provides a long-lasting burn, but always ensure twine is untreated as baling twine treated with rodenticides create smoke that is harmful to bees.
  • Wood Pellets: Compressed wood pellets offer a long burn time and are ideal for extended hive work.

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