Beekeeping Smokers & Fuel

Beekeeping smokers are a critical tool in managing hives. Smoking bees causes them to engorge on honey and prevents them from communicating there’s an intruder!

An easy way to light your smoker is to place crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the smoker, light it, and then place your fuel over the top of it and repeatedly compress the smoker bellows. An even easier way to light your smoker is to place your loose fuel in the smoker, and then point a lit propane torch into it to light the fuel on fire.

And while our smoker fuel is reliable and readily available for your beekeeping, there are some more traditional sources of smoker fuel as well. Beekeepers here have used dried sumac berries, dried grass (with some fresh grass to cool it down) and wood chips in addition to wood pellets.

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