Betterbee Premium Smoker

After months of prototype testing, Betterbee is pleased to introduce our stainless steel Premium Bee Smoker.

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Designed from the ground up, the Betterbee Premium Bee Smoker is the rugged, high quality solution serious beekeepers have been asking for. Made of 27-gauge stainless steel construction, a fully-insulated heat shield, and high quality leather bellows. This do it all smoker is part of the Beetools line by Lyson.

Check Out All The Features:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • An insulated heat shield keeps the sides from burning your knees and even allows the smoker to be set on a polystyrene cover without melting it
  • High-quality leather bellows with an intake valve for quick refill time
  • The smoker's 5/8" nozzle is smaller than most smokers and creates a far-reaching plume of smoke
  • The bottom of the combustion chamber has a perforated aeration grate to distribute air evenly to the fuel
  • Add outlet grate (included) if using wood pellet as fuel to stop the pellets from rolling out of the nozzle. Otherwise, we recommend not using the grate as it does plug with creosote over time.

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  • Combustion chamber dimensions: 8" tall by 3-3/4" diameter
  • Overall dimensions: 12" tall by 5" wide by 11" deep (with bellows expanded)
  • Weight (empty): 2 lb. 8 oz.


  • An easy way to light your smoker is to place crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the smoker, light it, and then place your fuel over the top of it and repeatedly compress the smoker bellows
  • Read our smoker lighting instructions

Why Smoke?

Smoke herds the bees away from any area you need to touch with your fingers or equipment, such as the hive tool, or replacing a box or outer cover.

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Customer review:

"This is indeed a quality smoker and more solidly built than any other smoker I have seen during my more than 50 years in the bee business. Recommend for people who like quality and feel disappointed in some of the construction shortcuts that have been taken in some of the other brands of recent years." -Oldtimer on Beesource, a beekeeping forum