Assembled Lyson Hive Kit

This sturdy Lyson beehive is expertly designed and comes fully assembled.

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This assembled polystyrene Langstroth beehive is manufactured by Lyson. This 10 frame sized Lyson hive includes:

  • Bottom board with varroa screen
  • Mouse guard/entrance reducer/closure
  • Two deep hive bodies
  • Inner cover option: Propolis trap that acts as inner cover, Lyson inner cover, or no inner cover.
  • Outer cover with 8 polystyrene plugs and 8 black plastic venting plugs

Both plastic and wooden deep frames will fit this hive, but please note frames are not included. The hive bodies have built-in plastic frame rests and metal latches to hold the hive bodies and cover securely in place. Comes unpainted. We recommend painting with an exterior grade latex paint.

Note: The bottom board is screwed to the bottom deep box, creating one unit that includes both bottom board and deep hive body.

This item is the assembled version of this hive. Click here for the unassembled version of this hive.