Lyson 8/9 Outer Cover

Sized to fit Lyson 8/9 frame hive bodies, this outer cover includes vent plugs so you can tailor hive ventilation to your needs.

Please note! This is a top cover for the Lyson "8/9 frame" hive system, and is not compatible with other hive sizes.
  • Item Code: LYHE8COVER
  • 33.95 USD$33.95

The outer cover for Lyson 8/9 frame hives has reinforced corners to hold a hive strap in place, and has four trapezoidal vent holes (two on each end). Includes four solid plugs and four venting plugs (8 total). The cover interlocks with Lyson 8/9 frame supers and hive bodies. We recommend using a cloth or plastic inner cover under the outer cover.

Note: The Lyson 8/9 Outer Cover is only designed to fit Lyson "8/9" supers and hive bodies, and does not work with wood or other size polystyrene hives.