8 Frame Wooden Hive Kits

Eight frame wooden bee hive equipment is lighter than 10 frame equipment by approximately 20 percent. When full of honey, a full 8 frame medium super will weigh 40 to 48 pounds while a full 10 frame medium will weigh 50 to 60 pounds. Some feel that overwintering is better in taller 8 frame bee hives than 10 frame boxes because the cluster can move up more readily through honey stores in a smaller 8 frame hives.

Wondering, “What does Betterbee recommend for beginners?” If so, check out the Preferred Beginner Kit. Just choose your glove and jacket size and if you want your hives assembled or unassembled.

You can also learn more about the options for 8 frame hive kits on the item page. Each option has a “more info” button to learn more about that option. Alternatively, to learn more about each kit and its options, click here.

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