8/9 Frame Lyson Polystyrene

Improve bee hive insulation when you choose 8/9 frame polystyrene hive kits and components from Lyson.


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Lyson 8/9 frame kits feature plastic-reinforced top edges, hive bodies and supers that lock into place without latches, and optional ventilation holes with solid and ventilated plug options available. Based on an Australian design, the Lyson 8/9 hive system is made to hold 9 frames in brood boxes and 8 or 9 frames in honey supers. In brood boxes, we recommend using 9 frames or 8 frames plus two follower boards against the box sides. In honey supers, use 9 frames of foundation or 8 frames of drawn comb. Be sure to space frames evenly. Lyson 8/9 frame polystyrene bee hive kits come unpainted, but we recommend painting hive components with exterior-grade latex paint.


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