Case of 10 Global Patties

Stimulate your hive's spring production with Global Patties pollen supplement bee food.

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Made with 15% real pollen, these protein patties are readily accepted by bees. Stimulates brood rearing to nurture the hive to maximum strength for the honey flow.

Notes on Use:

  • Feed these patties in the early spring about six weeks prior to the major honey flow to stimulate brood production.
  • Feed 1-2 patties on top of the brood frames, in contact with the cluster for maximum consumption. Stop feeding patties when plenty of natural pollen is seen being brought in the bees.
  • Do not use pollen patties in the winter! Pollen stimulates brood rearing and only should be done in early spring when pollen is not present. For winter feed, you are looking for winter patties or Hive Alive.
  • Unused patties should be frozen to preserve freshness.


Sugar, Soy Flour, Brewer's Yeast, Water, 15% Pollen. (Pollen was irradiated to prevent any disease transmission.)

Additional Notes:

  • Case of 10 patties weighs approximately 10 lbs
  • Per state restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to any address in Florida