Garden Plants for Honey Bees

This in-depth book, Garden Plants for Honey Bees, guides your honey bee farming with carefully researched plant and garden suggestions.

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This honey bee and farming book is the culmination of a lifetime of photography, beekeeping, and horticulture. With each plant accompanied by a simple pollen and nectar production rating guide derived from his careful observations, this photo-rich guide can help you identify your most bee-friendly plants, add more to your landscaping and even plot a season-long supply of bee-preferred nectar and pollen producers in your own backyard. Garden Plants for Honey Bees contains over 750 distinct photos and scanning electron micrographs of pollen grains. Dr. Deborah Delaney of the University of Delaware describes Garden Plants for Honey Bees as the book that "all beekeepers and gardeners have been waiting for!" Hardcover.

By Peter Lindtner